July 12, 2004

Crickey! It's Steve Irwin's Zoo


This is the best tourist trap I've been to yet. I loved it! Saw Koalas, kangaroos, various kill-100-men-with-their-venom snakes, wombats, Tasmanian devils (Auzzie glorified rats), Dingoes (Auzzie glorified dogs), Croc feedings etc. The only annoying part was that Steve's grating, goofy, smiling face was posted pretty much everywhere in the zoo (even in the bathroom stalls where I almost had a heart attack) and his recorded voice blared 24/7: "Crocs are the most dangerous creature in the wild! Crickey, I would have died if I didn't have these Timberland boots on! These snakes can weigh up to 300 pounds mate! These gentle mother crocodiles roll their eggs in the mouth to release their young!)

That night, we slept at Sharlene's parents. Again, the house was quintessentially Australian: the landscape was beige, dry, and arid due to months of drought, the house contained a separate room for the rather impressive looking BBQ grill, a bar stocked with Australian beer, huge dog, horse, cats and various other scary sounding night creatures. Thanks to Sharlene's parents for putting us up!




sanda said...

i saw this and thought i'd share it with you to let you see how steve has touched the souls of people around the world and bought a little love and understanding to the rest of the world ........ my sons are a big fans of steve and when they were much smaller if give a choice the would watch him over cartoons .... and thats saying alot now adays

when a man stand before a animal he can show the world apart of his love ......... but when i man stand before his god with the animals he show the world. all of his soul...... my family will miss him dearly

sanda said...


sanda said...


from some of your loving fans