October 19, 2004


So, I was really freaked out about my ballot. It hadn't come in our sporadic monthly mail pouch and I really wanted my vote to count (I'm a 6 months old newly naturalized American, I've paid my taxes since the age of 16 so I feel I deserve the right to vote).

I filled out an emergency ballot, signed it, inserted it in the first envelope, inserted that in the second envelope, closed it, filled out my contact information and apprehensively gave it to my friend who was traveling to Canada. She promised to send it as soon as she got there. I felt like telling her to take good care of my baby, not to bend it, expose it to harsh Canadian weather and make sure that it slid to the bottom the mail box (sometimes it gets stuck in the little mail door--tragic).

Today, I received my absentee ballot. Shoot! What do I do now? Do I fill out this absentee ballot and send it with the risk of arriving late? Or do I forget it and hope that my emergency ballot is enough to count?


PS: Am I going to have to wait another month before the pouch goes out? Why don't they have internet voting?

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