April 22, 2005


It must be spring in the US because the google front page has a bird, a little squirrel with nuts and a green tree.

The only seasons here (it seems) are wet and dry. That reminds me, I have to make sure the proper amounts of gasoil, kerosene, fuel and motor oil have been purchased by today so that they can be placed on the boat leaving for the middle of the country. I am told that if it leaves any later than next week, the dry season will be upon us making it very hard to naviguate the shallow river.

Yikes. The realities of the country.

**Thanks Steve in Wisconsin for placing a pin on my map**


Anonymous said...

It's because today's Earth Day actually.

007 in Africa said...

Oooh. Oops, Happy Earth Day (whatever that means) everybody!

Beaver said...

HUH ???? Ammo, I'll have you know that spring officially starts on march 21st which is in french called "L'equinoxe du printemps". I should know, that's when I was born:)

So technically, yes, it is spring here :)