April 15, 2005

Thanks 2!

Thanks Pamie who wrote Wonder Killer and Bill who's still in Dakar for posting on my map...


I'm feeling rather down today and listening to impossibly sad songs. Waaaaahh!

If I had electricity, I could make myself a simple meal and read by the cool air of the a/c with a nice glass of wine.

If I were back home, I would order an overpriced coffee from Starbucks and surf on the internet.

If I were more settled, I would call friends for a cooling swim at the pool.

If I had money, I would get a pedicure. (Note: the Bank wouldn't give me money because I didn't have my passport on me).

If I had just arrived, I would be amused at having to read by candlelight.


PS: I am still looking out for AstroGirl to post on my map ;)


khm said...

When I was in northern India electricity was sparce. If one wanted a hot shower, one had to preheat the ABSOLUTELY MINISCULE water tank 30 minutes before hand, beat down the person who busted in to steal the hot water, wash at lightening speed, and race back to one's room that was heated by CANDLES (read: temperature was raised just slightly over freezing to prevent death while one slept), to journal about the tragedy that had befallen one.

Anonymous said...

We feel soooo sorry for you. If you wanted 24 hour electricity you shoulda stayed in Washington. Anyway, think what all these memories are going to do for your autobiography!


Red Handed Jill said...

aw, sorry about the no electricity or money! that would be depressing.

which sad songs are you listening to?

Beaver said...

Ok this is bad - very bad. However, boredom is international. You can get bored in DC or in Canada too :)

007 in Africa said...

Ugh, that's one thing I've had all along (both in Senegal and here) is hot water. I thank God for hot water everyday. It's just simply wonderful.

Again, thanks Dad for your compassion. Grrr.

Red Handed Jill, I listen to songs that one of my friends burned on a mixed CD. I don't even know what they are. Pathetic isn't it? :)

Beaver, you're sooo right. Somehow, you tend to forget that and attribute all your woes to the country you are living in. I think it's the readjustment period. BTW, how's your readjustment going?