April 18, 2005

Beaten by 40 Robbers

I went to a Body Pump class on Saturday, which involves a lot of grunting, using weights to tone one's arms and legs to the beat of a techno song. The teacher was very scary: she would shout at me not to stop, tell me to make deeper squats and ask me to add more weights to my bar.

Today, two days later, I still feel like I 've been severely beaten by 40 robbers. It's even hard to press on the clutch and open the door to my house. I won't even mention what new sensations shampooing created.


Thanks Kimo who's soon going back to Nagoya (lucky duck) and Astrogirl who would go to a Starbucks with me, for posting on my map!


Anonymous said...

Ah, Ah, Ah, si tu faisais du sport regulierement....tu serais moins endolorie mais BRAVO de t'y mettre.!!!!!


007 in Africa said...

Look who's talking!

Magali said...

I know just how you feel (esp. the shampooing part)! I once took a weightlifting class - for girls - and didn't feel any pain at first... The next day, I couldn't even move my arms, it hurt SOOO much!
But you will get a toned body very quickly if you persevere :)

Anonymous said...

I've always said exercise is bad for one's health!! One should move as little as possible, for safety's sake.

Beaver said...

I know when you're coming from. I registered 2 weeks ago with the Canadian armed forces, only to realize that my push up abilities have completely disappeared while I was in Senegal. So (smart me) I went to the gym everyday to rain last week. Ouch is the name of the game !

But i can do 2 push-up now !

007 in Africa said...

Yeah, for two push-ups. It's the small things...