June 02, 2005

Gender Analysis

June 1st 2005

I am currently attending a week-long workshop on how to conduct analysis leading to proposal writing. In a group exercise, we were confronted to the following problem (simplified):

Lisa, a specialist in education in your organization, is very interested in the new literacy project of women in village X. Detailed program plans have been elaborated with local partners and educators are trained.
After a short month, partners call Lisa back to the village to discuss major difficulties they have seen with the activities.
It seems that the level of attendance of the literacy classes have sharply decreased in the course of the month becquse the men have started to beat their wives. The partner does not know what to do and asks Lisa to help sort this situation out.

One of the men in the class shoots out his arms animatedly and proposed the following solution: “Well it’s obvious that a sensitization campaign needs to be undertaken. We need to sensitize the women to teach them to come back to the class even after their husbands have beaten them”.

Hum. I’ll attribute this the cultural difference.

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