June 02, 2005

Security issues

May 26th 2005

As you may or may not know, there were election to vote for a new president planned for June 30th 2005. As there have been no studies to count the population and potential voters let only voter registration, I think it’s fair to say that it’s pretty obvious that voting cannot take place on said date.
The government has forwarned people of the situation and asked the population to stay calm so that proceedures to start the process can take place.

In the meantime, there are wee things to take care of:
-make sure you have about two weeks worth of food and water in your house (these should be canned as pasta requires a stove and thus electricity to cook)
-have a flash light or two with extra batteries
-have a short wave radio that runs on batteries
-have a walkie talkie (and know how to use it) in case phones do not work
-do not go on the field from the 20th of June to the 6th of June
-I have been told not to buy a machete as it may create an unsafe situation for me (I hadnt thought of buying one in the first place. Now I just might consider doing that!)

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