June 10, 2005

Severe Internet Troubles

We’ve been having serious internet troubles at the office. It turns out that our internet server is located in South Africa (what the f%&$?). Dude has been adding all these clients to his server to make more money, making it so choked that no one can get internet.

This is very problematic for me since:
1. I can’t access my timesheets for work
2. I can’t reimburse my bills and will consequently have bad credit
3. I can’t pay my taxes (Ok this is a lie, I had plenty of time to do it before, but still…)
4. I can’t check how much money I have in the bank

We have been advised to take enough money out of the bank to purchase a plane ticket out the country. I had to make sure I had enough money in the bank before withdrawing a large amount of money. Desperate, I did the only thing I could do: The password to my email. The password to my bank account.

Good thing I trust her.

I’ll be coming after you sis, I’ll be coming after you.

1 comment:

Victoria said...

You know, I think I figured out what your password means, too.
Oh, and thanks alot for making me look like a slacker in front of the graduate student and the prof (surfing the net while on the phone... oh yeah, so professional)