June 10, 2005

Lingala Expression

Today, I learned a new expression: Likombo Esalité

Apparently it means, Hakuna Mata, No Worries Man, Cool Raoul. That should definitely get me out of some tight situations. I’m set for the 30th.


Anonymous said...

According to my Lingala dictionary, Likombo means "mushroom." I wonder what Esalite means?


007 in Africa said...

You hqve q Lingala dictionnary? What does it say for "worry"?

Denis said...

the expression is probably likambo ezalí té, or academically spelled : likambo ezalí tɛ́ (helps to know how to pronounce it).

"Likambo" is "matter, affair, concern"; "ezalí" is the verb "to be" kozala with the 3rd unanimate subject e- and present tense : e-zal-í, ezalí; and (prounounced tɛ́, like French "tes" instead of thé, the accent marks high tone) is negation.