June 10, 2005

The Theory of Relativity

June 10th 2005
This morning, I go to the scene of the crime to retrieve the car.

Of course, the guard is not here anymore. And neither is the car. As a matter of fact, its on the other side of the street. Whaaaa?

A man comes up to me and shakes my hand. He explains that he was able to pry the lock open and moved the car closer to the restaurant for safe-keeping. I raise my eyebrows and think “damn, he’s good”. I thank him profusely, hand him a $5 and drive off before my face burns off from shame.

Now I think that I should have given him more. Just because he didn’t drive off with the car.


I go the office, ready to tell my morning story to my congolese colleague. In a burst of selflessness, I first ask him how he’s doing, preparing my breath for my story.

He says he’s feeling a little rough because he hasn’t been able to sleep well.

Me: “Oh, really why?”

Him: “Of well, we heard guns shots all night. My kids were pretty traumatized. This morning I found out the two people in my neighborhood got shot (one was a young man I knew) and two others are in the hospital”

Me: “…” (that pretty much shut me up)

Shit, that really puts my little car incident in perspective.

Get a Backbone lady
This afternoon, on my way to lunch, a young man tripped me. He just thrust his foot out and flat out tripped me. I kept my balance and righted myself. I turned around to curse him out, only to see him standing, armed crossed, next his daddy. His daddy was a big soldier with a gun.

Now that I’m behind my computer, I can say it loud and I can say it proud: Asshole. My friend said “Don’t worry. I gave him a dirty look”.


There’s been a noticeable increase of armed soldiers in the center of the capital and they’re making everyone nervous.


Red Handed Jill said...

armed soldiers, yikes! stay safe, 007!

Beaver said...

Just keep cool, Chick ! (By the way I cant seem to update my blog... will keep you posted on that :)

Dan said...

You mean a goon with a gun.

Why are these people at war? They should be concentrating on achieving a humane standard of living.


007 in Africa said...

Alas, if you have a brillant plan on how to achieve a humane standard of living, Im all ears...