June 10, 2005

Domo Arigato, Mr. Retardo

June 9th 2005
Is that how the 80s song goes?

I went for some much needed Indian food yesterday. I leave the restaurant and start looking for the key to the car everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I panick and call my girlfriends to the rescue. They try to pry the windows open while I stare at them gap- mouthed, amazed at my stupidity.

I lock the keys in the car. That’s bad. They’re still in the ignition. That’s just plain retarded. And that’s an insult to the mentally handicapped.

I give money to the guard of the restaurant and ask him to keep a close look at my car.

That night, I dream that I’m the Head of the Ministry of Health of Indonesia. And damn, I am good. Delusions of grandeur anyone?


Dan said...

You should have had an extra key...Women drivers!!!

Beaver said...

Dan, it has nothing to do with gender : one day, my ex-boydfriend locked the key in the car, with my purse containing the double. Try calling AAA or CAA from Miscou, New Brunswick !

(now, I must admit, we were collaborating in Empty-headed-ness that day !)