August 27, 2005

Ying and Yang

Post to come on Immigration Troubles and Redeeming Speech

Thanks for Lulu on the Bridge who is blogging from the Congo too and Black River Eagle (aka Bill) who has a great compilation of various blogs.
Also, thanks for all the comments I have received and not answered (like the interesting comments about the spiky hairstyle, the gecko on the windowsill that happens to be real, the encouragements from various people I don't know and those from people I know :)
I am still at work on Saturday and planning to be here on Sunday to prepare for my next trip on Monday to Kole. Sigh, so much to do, so little time. How do people do it? I just don't know.


Mina said...

I just started my blog in here and have read yours with great interest. I have lived an dworked and studied in Dakar and MISS it.
Your entries and photos made me salivate again.
I am also enjoying reading your frank ups and downs about being in the field.
Very refreshing...I will try to add photos on my blog as well.

007 in Africa said...

Will go check your blog soon...Enjoy Dakar on my behalf, it's soooo cool there! But don't forget to see the rest of Senegal too. Kiss the N'gor beaches for me.

Anonymous said...

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