September 15, 2005

Photos of Mwene Ditu

Wahsing Machine: the sisters boil their clothes, sheets and hospital linens in a large barrel before pounding them on two large stone bassins and hanging them out to dry

Sorting Pondu: Three teenagers help out at the convent by sorting dried pondu (manioc) leaves.

Small Plane: this is a small 7-seater plane that we were lucky enough to be able to board. We didn't have to go to the large N'djili airport, which made the trip about 90% more pleasant.

Sisters Enroll: sisters in Mwene Ditu just came back from getting enrolled, showing their ink blackened finger with pride


Victoria said...

Do, these pictures are wonderful. The women look so proud! I also really like the picture of you and the bonobo... I'm jealous!!

Dan said...

Nice pics. Please keep'em coming.


Video blogging is BEST done with at least a cable modem. (What do you use? A satellite link?)

Personally, I would not try it with less than 1Gbyte RAM though it may be possible with 512Mbyte.


Delphin said...

Victoria, that sounds like a lame comments. I have to tell you that, these are the real person, BEAUTIFUL and proud of what they want to do with their lives.

CAn you prove to the blog if your are as beautifull as they are?
I am one of those beautifill girls, I went to school in Mwene Ditu, Got baptized other there and now in North America helping my country cananda

Anonymous said...

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