September 14, 2005

Pictures of Mwene Ditu 2

This old Belgian house--completely isolated in the region of Kanda Kanda--now houses a health team that overseas a variety of health centers. Despite having upheld 40 years well (the ceiling is still perfect, made from gorgeous dark wooden slats), a massive rehabilitation work is necessary--starting with windows and doors

Palm oil is made from nuts from a type of palm tree, ground in a large wooden grinder and manually powered by two strong village boys

Same beer, different marketing label in the diamond town

The snaking Congo River cuts a space in the deeply concentrated forest (note: upon reflection and various comments on this blog, I looked at a map and think it's more probably to be the Lukenie River)


Victoria said...

Wow! Those are really cool pictures. Is it easier to take them in the countryside (i.e. with less military men around)?

Steve in Wisconsin said...

A nice group of photos! Are there still any Belgians living there? Curious if they were required to take local citizenship as a condition of remaining.
Also, the photo of the Congo River... If that's the same river in the upper portion of the photo (that looks like it's disappearing into the distance) - it doesn't look all that wide. How far from Kinshasa is this scene? Just wondering. Thanks.

007 in Africa said...

Hey there Vicky, it's loads easier to take pictures on the field--as a matter of fact, people are terribly flaterred if you do!

Steve, a friend of mine said the same thing...It's probably not the Congo River but the pilot said it was so I just gobbled up the information. It's probably the Lukenie River. I will try to correct this. A few Belgians are still living in the capital (this areas is far far far away from the capital) but it seems like none of them have the nationality. Perhaps it's hard for them to get the congolese passport. I will ask around.

Anonymous said...

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