October 10, 2005


I was going to write about my new apartment but I just. don’t. have. the courage anymore.

We are in the midst of moving offices and with impending grant deadlines and due reports, I am very frazzled, can’t find any of my paperwork, am lost with dates and generally panicky. And I just got back from break. Oy.

We had to move because the landlord wanted to triple the rent and to accommodate new people. Get this: we are adding 10 more people and the new office is SMALLER than the last one. I guess I was spoiled with the last one (a very large office that I shared with a Congolese colleague and a photocopy machine) but the new one is ridiculous. In the same amount of space I had, there are now 6, SIX office cubicles and 8 in the whole room total. I would say “d’oh”, but “d’ilbert” seems more appropriate.

Number of office moves in the past year:

Number of house moves in the past year:

Number of different countries visited in the past year:

Number of annoyance today:
Ad infinitum +∞

Aw, sucks! Thanks guys! Whatevery Thing Inc in Malaysia, Garcia another blogger in Kinshasa (who knew that Kinshasa was the It place for blogging), Bill W. who's finally pursuing his dream of being on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean (hahaha), Will my bro who has finally condescended to reading my blog, for posting on my GuestMap.


what ever thing said...

number of comment from Malaysia : 1

i think i'm the frist Asian place on your Guess Map.
check on your Guess Map now.

do place one for me as i've one in my blog.


Ammo said...

Wow, your blog is becoming a major international resource :)
Bon courage with getting back to work!

Garci said...

I agree with the hassle of moving. It somehow seems to be infite here in DRC... you dont finish settling and there you go again!!

Bon Courage,

Beaver said...

Hey ! Just a quick hi ... now that I joined the family of NGO workers, I have much less time to read and comment... Not that i dont think of you though...

Take care :)

Steve in Wisconsin said...

Is Kinshasa expensive for office space and housing? Just curious how it ranks in comparison with other world cities.

Hope you like your new place!

007 in Africa said...

Beaver, don't worry about not reading regularly, I'll come visit you in Baltimore! Where are you living when in Baltimore?

Kinshasa is mad expensive! You wouldn't believe it but the prices border Washington DC or New York in some places downtown...Though you can still find a whole house with 4 rooms for about $800.

Garci said...

Or an apartment downtown with 2 bedrooms for 2000 u$s per month!....

Yet... 10 dollars for a single piece of lettuce, beats me! (Ok, the imported variety, but it is still 10 bucks!)

I found it more expensive than paris!


007 in Africa said...

That's outrageous! $10 for a piece of lettuce? Is it gold plated?

Anonymous said...

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