October 12, 2005

The Beginning of Rainy Season

Uh oh, the Rainy Season is upon us again. There was a little bit of drizzle this morning but already the streets were pooling water at the edges, the open sewers overflowing from the reflux of the trees and soaked earth. Women were wearing shower hats to protect their wigs and the men were walking in galoshes and raincoats, the traffic was as light as a typical Sunday afternoon (despite this being a Wednesdaymorning).

I've been seeing people racking the muck out of the open sewers or burning the trash out of gutters. I had initially thought that was part of the presidential campaign coming up! But in fact, they were unclogging the sewers in anticipation of the rains to come.

When I came to the office, no one was there--I felt very disoriented. Perhaps it was a national holiday I hadn't heard about? Had there been a major political coup, forcing people to stay home? No, the Head of Administration just says it's the Rainy Season: people panic, stay home longer and "back in the day" pupils didn't go to school when it rained.

6 months without school. Heaven!

I redirect you to my first few weeks in Congo when I caught the tail end of the rainy season: Un-be-live-able 2 (skim down the page of the month of April).


Garci said...

Dear Mademoiselle Bond... Rain has indeed arrived in Kin!! Hope you are keeping afloat. I agree it is actually nice that the city quiets down with the rain... Last night's storm was indeed quite impressive. But it is true, it is the beginning of a long journey of watery days.

Keep up with the postings... its nice to have another view out of this city.

See you,

Ammo said...

Hey, at least you don't have to worry about snow, like your sister!

Jamespbond said...

Here in Antananarivo we have the Rainy Season, and the rest of the time it rains... The city dwellers prepare their rice paddies (out on the way to the airport), "repicking" the rice sprouts into the ankle-deep raw sewerage. Our rainy season starts in a month or two. In the meantime, the jacaranda trees are beginning to blossom with their mauve explosion of color.

Bon courage with the office move.

Victoria said...

I second Ammo's comment!! But hey, if you want a change of scenery, just come visit meeee...

Anonymous said...

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