November 19, 2005

Smuggling Goods in Congo

You probably thought this post would be about the secret Congolese police and special smuggling techniques that my colleagues and I have used to transport diamonds across the border. Not so.

This is just a big thank you to:

-FloraJ and Em for sending some Halloween candies to our apartment in France (it was a federal offense for my mom to pick up the package on my behalf but she pulled the "my daugther lives in Congo" card and the mailperson took pity on her),
-Justine for sending me a book called "Wild Women!" that was just the right size to make its way undetected into the monthly DHL pouch
-Steve in Wisconsin for sending me a copy of the great movie of the story of Lumumba, wedged and hidden between pamphlets
-Stephanie and Vicky for sending some presents (still haven't picked them up) through an acquaintance that is coming to Congo for work

It almost feels like there's a postal system here!


Victoria said...

I'm glad at least SOME things are getting through!
Anything to brighten up your day :) I wish more of your friends travelled to Kinshasa...

Astrogirl said...
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Anonymous said...

Gee... Now I feel guilty for not having tried to smuggle something through myself! But it's not even December yet, these people are crazy :)
So, any special requests? :)
-a typical male procrastinator

Laura said...

Oh, it is WAY more than just Halloween candy in that package, mm hmm!

007 in Africa said...

Astrogirl, nice to hear from you. Flora, I can't wait to open the year!

Anonymous said...

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