November 18, 2005


16 Nov 2005
It’s 5 AM and I’ve just had the most terrifying Zombie dream: think Betty White of the Golden Girls dragging her stiff, white body in your direction.

Except these zombies were superzombie. You had to get in a boat and row like mad because they were fast and they were mean. You could try to swim away if you wanted but the fuckers were excellent swimmers too. Everywhere you looked there was moaning zombies and you had to keep the presence of mind not to freak out at every turn.

The antidote was to carry around a navy blue floatation device or have a dry Kleenex in your hand. How weird is that?

It was very similar to the movie 13 Days Later which is, by far, the scariest movie I’ve every had the (dis)pleasure to see.

Work’s really been troubling me lately I think.


Ammo said...

"Work’s really been troubling me lately I think."
That does indeed seem to be the case! What a weird dream :). Did the zombies look like people you know?

Victoria said...

Don't you mean 28 days later? Or is it another zombie movie entirely?
Y'know, for the amount that I've gone to see zombie movies, they still freak the heck out of me. If I think of zombies before I fall assleep, it's over. I have to turn on the light and read something.

Beaver said...

Hey ! I'm still alive and reading... just have little time to write.... Work work work...

Take care !


Steve in Wisconsin said...

If you can find a way to make this into a video game you'll make a fortune!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing as Ammo --E

Carl said...

Ok, this is what you do.

If this happens again, have your mental monitor say "STOP! This is MY dream and I'll dream what I want!"

Then, have a flight of B-52 bombers come in and blow 'em all to eternity where they should have been in the first place.

Works for me, except when I scream out in the middle of the night and wake all the neighbors.

Black River Eagle said...

O.K. 007 in Africa. That's it. I've seen this kind of problem before, and here is what you do.

Nr.1 Get some rest from the job and the Congo. Figure out a way to get away for a few days to give a talk at some international health services conference or something. Just get away for about a week. A-W-A-Y from there.

Nr.2 Layoff spicing your pasta with the dried oregano you've been buying at the local markets in Kinshasa. Trust me, that stuff is NOT oregano. It probably has a higher THC content than anything we (oops! I meant "they") used to smoke back in the "Roaring '60s" (and 70's). Whatever you do DON'T eat or smoke the local oregano!

Nr.3 Take a break from the blog. Lulu is right. You're having Writer's Blog-cked or something similar. Lot's of people are suffering from it worldwide. A week or two away from the blog oughta do the trick. Won't hurt your Google ratings, you're sitting at a steady 5/10 in the Google Rank system.

However, your blog might lose some $$$ value over at the Technorati How Much Is My Blog Worth? calculator. Don't worry about that. You can always pump up the market value of your blog after the Christmas Holidays just like the big players do on Wall Street (NYSE).

Follow that advice and you'll be good as new in no time flat. No more Zombies at 5AM.

Now about those flying crocodiles...

007 in Africa said...

Lol, thanks BRE. I swear, if I didn't have a sense of humour, I'd be on the next plane out of here.

About your suggestions:
1. Am taking a vacation from the 23rd of Dec to the 6th of Jan

2. So that's what the stuff is, "oregano". The locals have just been calling it that "special ingredient". I'll make sure to lay off it.

3. Noooo! I can't take a break from the blog...Instead, I'll use pictures as a cope-out for my last trip.

Great. Just great. Now you've got me thinking about flying crocodiles.

Anonymous said...

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