November 08, 2005


To quote my brother: “so. much. work

(his three-word answer to my long-assed email of two months ago-slacker)

I am overwhelmed with work. I am planning to get up at 5:30AM to work on a report, database and update my blog tomorrow morning. I swear, I'll do it. Uhem. But I must add that it’s sad when your comments become a lot more interesting than your actual posts (see comments on November 2nd post).

I would like to share with you an recent security email that I just received. I signed up for this security service while in Senegal to alert me on unsafe African areas one should avoid while travelling. This one came in a few days ago about France. Freaky.


1. This Public Announcement is issued to alert Americans
to ongoing security concerns in France. Significant unrest
that began in the northern suburbs of Paris October 27 has
now spread to several locations within the city limits of
Paris, and to many other cities throughout France. Angry
youth have set fire to many buildings and thousands of
vehicles. While damage to property has been extensive,
there seems to be no pattern of arsonists directing their
anger at ordinary citizens or tourists. This Public
Announcement will expire on December 7, 2005.

2. Travelers should be alert to news media reports for the
most up-to-date information, avoid areas where riots have
occurred, move quickly away from any demonstrations they
may encounter, and exercise particular caution during
evening and nighttime hours.

3. Travelers using the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris
should be aware that train service between the airport and
Paris runs through an affected area and has occasionally
been disrupted. Travelers should rely instead on airport
buses or taxis to downtown Paris.


6. Minimize considered.

I don't know what point number 6 means, but it sounds a little scary. "Minimize considered" **say in robotic futuristic voice**


Garci said...

I would take it as a disclaimer from the american government, just in case a tourist just happens to become involved... but I think is a little too alarmistic. In any case, it is quite worrying...

See you!

Black River Eagle said...

Same thing happened to me re: my intro post on the riots in France. The comments are better than anything I could ever come up with alone. Thanks for your participation.

Those U.S. Department of State alert mailings can come in handy sometimes. The ones we received here in Europe from September 2001 thru 2004 were really alarming re: terrorist threats against American citizens living, working, or travelling overseas.

When and if you ever get one that reads: "Collect your family and pack your bags. Last chopper leaves from the roof the U.S. Embassy at noon. Bring valid I.D." that's when you need to worry. Ambassador Swing should be the last man out. Women and children first.

Of course I hope that such a scenario never happens again down in Kinshasa or Brazzaville.

Ammo said...

It's funny, because people in France seem a lot less worried than people outside France.

Beaver said...

Yeah, I've been getting emails from my mum about that. My aunt lives in an affected area...

Can you beleive I was in Paris just last week?

(Sorry I haven't been on too much -work work work and little access to internet... I seem to be in need of time to update and read some blogs.)

Can you forward the info for that security site ?

Thanks !

Black River Eagle said...

It may be that people living in France SEEM a lot less worried, but the French people being interviewed on international TV news look and sound VERY worried. Two weeks of full scale rioting in over 200 cities ain't just fun and games you know, especially if you have to walk home from the bus or tram stations after dark or have to park your car on the street.

For U.S. Department of State alerts go to the Bureau of Consular Affairs site and click on Public Announcements. Here is the link:

France and Monaco are listed right at the top this week. Monaco!? Have the riots spread to Monaco??

Garci said...

Minimize considered let me scratching my head.... what did they try to say...

as for Black River's eagle... Monaco??? whats going on there???

see you

Black River Eagle said...

Diego Garci:
Nothings going on in Monaco according to the U.S. State Department's Public Announcement for France and Monaco dated November 07, 2005. Must be a little BooBoo (typo) by someone over at State or maybe they're expecting trouble down there. You never know when those Monacollians are gonna start acting up.

Victoria said...

Hahaha... Now there is a funny mental image!

Anonymous said...

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