November 11, 2005

Health Activities

There's a cool article in the latest Time Magazine about Global Health and 18 Heroes working in the field of development: page 95 details Léon Kintaudi work in the Congo. Though he can rub people the wrong way (a good self-marketer and interested in image), the article is very interesting as it is almost exactly what our partners on the field do.

Though be proxy, it's nice to be recognized for the work we do.

Time Magazine, november 7th 2005

(note: the picture is very poorly scanned but I encourage you to pick up a copy of the magazine if you are interested in the field of health and development


Black River Eagle said...

Wow! This guy is a real hero and his work is having a measurable impact on the lives of people down in the DRC. Do you work with Dr. Leon Kintaudi or provide support to his health zone medical centers?

Unfortunately your scanned TIME article graphic is sort of blurry and the online version costs money to read in full (premium content).

I did find information online about Dr. Kintaudi's work in the DRC at the following sites:

Baltimore Sun - Oct 30, 2005
"Doctor to be honored for aid abroad" - Nov 01, 2005 press release:
"Kintaudi Named Global Health Hero by TIME Magazine"

The SANRU Rural Health Program site has a webcast featuring the Doc and a presentation by him with great photographs. Thanks.

007 in Africa said...

No we do not work with him or in his health zones but a variety of NGOs are funded by the same donor to do the same project in different zones. Interesting to read about his work though.

Beaver said...

Just wanted to say hi... SO.MUCH.WORK!

Miss you !


Anonymous said...

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