December 12, 2005

(11) A not very sturdy Bridge
Bridge that we had to cross a few miles after the river. Needless to say, I promptly got off of the motorcycle and walked across it, arms outstretched.

(12) Pygmee Child and Motorcycle

(13) Sister and Chicken
We rode in the front of a truck on the way back and carried (I am not joking) in the back: a mass of luggage, several containers of petrol, one live goat, 5 live chickens, one live duck, several cocoons of caterpillars, one whole smoked monkey, one sister, one old woman, one mechanic, and a spare tire.

(14) The Thinking Man
Our driver ponders how to get the massively heavy truck from out of a sandbank. Later down the road, we are stopped for an hour because the car won't start. It turns out there was a loose wire on the car battery.

(15) Yum, Grubs
Upon my arrival, we buy a few grubs for dinner. I tried these a few months ago, in the interest of science, and found them pretty gross. Now termites, on the other hand, are scrumptious.

Thanks Meirion from Wales for Posting on my GuestMap!!!


lulu on the bridge said...

apparently caterpillars are delicious on the barbeque (maybe with a lot of pili-pili sauce...)

Ammo said...

Great pictures!!! Please tell me you didn't eat any of those grubs....

Steve in Wisconsin said...

Just finished a big breakfast. Er, if I'd seen the grub picture beforehand I could probably have made it all the way 'til dinner without eating. Awesome photos -- I feel like I'm right there with you.

Laura said...

OH MY GOD. If you ate any of those I may have to reconsider our friendship.

Victoria said...

Beata is quite disgusted! Haha!
I'm so pourd of you. On dirait vraiment que tu viens de la brousse!!! How do those taste?

Jamespbond said...

I like the car... been in situations like that myself... and nothing is as good as a good think (are you sure that *is* what he's doing?)

Amanda Jermyn said...

I love The Thinking Man. When you retire from the Congo you should do something with all these wonderful photos - like create a book.

Black River Eagle said...

Wow, those larvae (grubs) look fantastic ! So does the black hen hanging upside down by her feet (hope that's not my cousin Alice).

I'd deepfry those grubs and then douse them with Bubba Shrimp's Louisiana-Style Hot Sauce. Wash it all down with a cold Budwieser (Czech beer, not that U.S. crap). Delicious.

Boy, the butterflies or moths that come from those babies must have a wingspan of 6-feet across. Jurassic Park in the Congo.

Anonymous said...

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