December 14, 2005

A Goat (two)

So my boss called me at home yesterday and said he just couldn't keep the two goats (one for me and the other for the health department) because he couldn't feed them. When could I come get them?

Having no backyard, we ruthlessly decided to transform them into small packages of meat (neccesiting I'm sure, the intervention of a butcher) and distribute them around.

Upon learning this, my colleage exclamed, "please reserve a head for me". The worst part of it was that I stayed up in my bed thinking how the heck one would cook a goat's head. Do they even make pots that big?


Laura said...

Oh no! I am crying for your poor goats. : (

juliana said...

I love goat meat. Enjoy an extra serving for me!

007 in Africa said...

Laura, I'll make it up to you I swear...I'll get you a goat for your farm next Xmas.

Julianna, are you the Julianna I know from MD? If you are (1) your picture doesn't really look like you (2) Whaddup? I haven't heard from you in a looong time!

Anonymous said...

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