December 05, 2005

Blog Assignement

So, here I am, back from a 10-day trip to the field. I am catching up on all the other blogs out there and noting on interesting entry on Acceptable Forms of Humiliation vs. Non-Acceptable Forms of Humiliation that Civil Servants subject Humanitarian workers to from Candide's blog.

Which makes me reflect on my just newly-minted trip, where (I shit you not), I was locked in the airport gates --I could leave through the back way but still-- and had to physically remove my passport from the immigration office where it was wedged in between a folder and a wall. It's a long story, but let's just say that I managed to piss off an immigration officer by not paying the bribe and making him feel like his job was redundant.

I swear (I say this often), if I didn't have a sense of humor, I'd be on the first plane outta here.

Annnnnyways, I have given myself the following blog assignment:
1. Describe the logistics of getting from Kinshasa to Lomela (an enclaved region in Sankuru) in 10 pictures or less.


On a positive note, I dreamt of Joachim Phoenix two days ago, which is a notable improvement on Zombies.


Carl said...

as far as pissing off an immigration officer, no, let's not use the word officer, let's say immigration mote. as far as pissing him off goes


sebastien mtl said...

heureux de te lire en ce 5 décembre, en lisant les journaux ce matin (, j'ai pensé à toi!

heureux de te savoir en santé,

Elizabeth said...

You absolutely must tell the story about how the passport got wedged into a wall.

Ammo said...

Welcome back!

Victoria said...

Glad to hear from you! I always hate it when you go on the field, I never have any idea what's going on...

Man, who are you and what have you done with my sister? Three years ago you would've never dared attempting breaking and entering into and immigration office to retrieve your passport... you kick ass :)

falk said...

hey, i would love to know where you took that pic of a bonobo. Can u tell me

Anonymous said...

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