December 08, 2005

A Goat

So, my trip to the field was great, and I still haven't forgotten the assignment I set up for myself.

I just learned a few hours ago that our partner on the field, sent us a freight of two live goats with three packages of bush meat as a thank you gesture.

So my day is now consisting of --in between the running around to get reports finished, organizing yet another trip to the field, tracking down all paperwork for this and that--trying to get the poor goats from their lieu of arrival into a nice, clean garden wedged in a popular neighborhood of Kinshasa.

The two goats are now waiting the arrival of their new owner: my boss. Hehe, surprise Mr. Boss.

I can't wait to meet the goat...on a BBQ with sweet and tangy sauce!

Thanks Elizabeth for posting on my GuestMap...Afghanistan is a pretty crazy place to be I imagine!


Laura said...

No, no, no! You must keep them as pets and teach them tricks! Well, at least they would make cleaning the house easier since they could just EAT your dirty clothes.

Carl said...

Whatever you do, don't name the goat. It is easy to eat a goat. It is hard to eat "Mr. Flufflebuns".

Ammo said...
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Ammo said...

You monster!! Eating your gifts!
You should keep them for their milk (assuming they're female): it'd be perfect for your yogurt :)

Congogirl said...

Have you heard Mr. Boss' story of the goat that ate his homework (OK, ate the "Very Important Project Document That They Had Spent the Whole Week in the Field Researching and Producing)?

Ask him. Or better yet, ask Mr. Tchumah the next time you see him. Though they are both great story tellers.

Victoria said...

See! Now you have the perfect excuse for not handing in your reports in time.

Elizabeth said...

Mmm, goat. Thanks for the link. Afghanistan, because of the security restrictions, is possibly one of the most boring humanitarian posts on the planet. But I like to pretend I'm cool because I work here. Good luck with the goat.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, goat cheese! I'd be careful about the bushmeat, though . ..

Anonymous said...

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