December 14, 2005


1. I have a mysterious stomach ailment that has me eating rice and apple sauce for the last two days
2. I am going on the field tomorrow (2 days trip, one day field work)
3. I will be going to Mbuji-Mayi where, a few months ago, they retained my passport overnight and could only hand it over to me after I donated $60
4. I will be returning on Saturday because Sunday is the day that people vote for the Referendum (whether to accept or refuse the new constitution--which, incidentally, has been somewhat modified from the one defended in front of the authorities a little while ago). Social "incidents" are expected.
5. I will be returning with on an unsafe plane


Jamespbond said...

... did the stomache ailment come from eating goat's head?

Ammo said...

Be careful!! You're due in Madagascar soon after all :)

Beaver said...

Wow... updates, updates, and more updates!

Just back in Montreal from Jo-Burg and finally able to say I AM CANADIAN on a big white patch of snow.

Havent had too much time to pop in recently with all Lesotho (meaning 6 weeks work over 9 days), the closing meetings and Ze Big Boss coming for them, without counting the 23hour trek back home...

Be safe and keep contact.

I miss you,


Black River Eagle said...

Hope your stomach ailment isn't serious and that you get better soon. The news coverage on the constitution referendum elections in the D.R.C. is peaking at the moment, lots of coverage in the MSM and some in the Blogosphere. I should have something up on the DRC by tomorrow.

Fly with Carl everywhere. Never fly with an unsafe plane or with a shady pilot. "Shifty pilots" are O.K.

Hey, I have an idea for the two goats. Why don't you tie 'em up to a tree overnight and see if a T-Rex shows up. After seeing those giant grubs, there's bound to be a few T-Rex's running around down there...:-) Keep your camera ready and God forbid don't use a flash.

Elizabeth said...

I hope it's not giardia.

007 in Africa said...

Gosh, do Goat's heads give stomach ailments? No one told me this in the Travel Clinic.

Ammo, sigh. I wish I could afford it!

Beaver, enjoy the intense cold on my behalf (hehehe) :)

BRE, looks like the referendum will be a resounding YES. But very few people actually voted. BTW, I asked my neighbor about the grubs and he says they don't turn into butterflies. Sorry for the disapointement!

Elizabeth, egad! I didn't think of the possibility...

Anonymous said...

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