March 22, 2006

Lights! Action!

Yesterday, there were 4 working traffic lights in downtown Gombe! I've only seen them work for the first month during my whole year of being here.

It was wild, drivers were completely confused about what to do. Should they follow their instincts and wedge themselves in traffic cues (as per usual) or actually obey the traffic lights? Should they give priority to those cars waiting by the green light or force people to stop by rushing in between two cars?

I didn't know how to proceed either but there was lots of honking, which helped me snap out of my state of bewilderment. I decided to do as I always did, bypass the person in front of me, effectively cutting him off and nearly missing cars driving in the opposite way.

The lights wouldn't have anything to do with the arrival of Kofi Annan in Kinshasa would they?

Annan admits UN DR Congo abuses
Source:BBC News

Kofi Annan said he had received a detailed briefing
United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan has said there is clear evidence that UN staff sexually abused refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Allegations of abuse at UN camps surfaced last year, prompting the UN's internal watchdog to launch an inquiry.

After being briefed on its progress, Mr Annan said a small number of civilian and military personnel had committed "shameful" acts of gross misconduct.

He added that those involved must be held accountable.

Two years ago, a UN investigation rejected similar allegations of sexual exploitation of refugees by UN staff in West Africa.

Kofi Annan pleads for a transparent, equitable and secured election
21 mar. 06 - 21.12h

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan arrived in Kinshasa, on 21 March, accompanied by his wife, Nane. He was welcomed by Congolese Foreign Affairs Minister Raymond Ramazani Baya. Later, Mr. Annan traveled to the headquarters of the UN mission in the DR Congo, where he paid tribute to the work of the military and civilian peacekeepers.

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