March 20, 2006

One year in the Congo or Temporary Insanity

Give or take a few days, I've now been in the Congo for one year. That's insane.

This morning, I had to take this:

Check out some of my first posts about the country


Anonymous said...

So why the photo of Indiana Jones? Is that whom you feel like? :)

Beaver said...

I was going to ask about Indiana Jones too. I thought Raiders of the Lost Ark was set in India or something.

Congratulations on surviving the dreaded RDC. You are my hero (although I never doubted you).

Cheers and cookies,


Garci said...

Hi 007...!!! Its diego, from Belgium... I just realizaed today would have been my congo-aniversary as well!!!!... Maybe we arrived there on the same plane... air france peut-etre?

Hope you are enjoying it!!

Best wishes,


Kingston Girl said...

Happy anniversary! So, what is the Congo doing to make your day special?!

TheMalau said...

Happy Anniversary, D!!!!

verniciousknids said...

Congrats on surviving! said...

dear Ms. 007, may I post your Russian Dials on my webzine ?

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