February 18, 2007

Fair and Balanced (part 2)

If you haven't yet read the first "Fair and Balanced" post, please catch up on the latest Columbia Heights gossip here.

Two days ago, this was posted on our house door:

It reads:

"To Whomever shoveled the steps.
Please be aware that two people live on the ground floor and you shoveled the ice right onto the steps, effectively causing even more of a hazard"



strudel said...

Last minute Birthday Present. The true icon of Saint Pancrazio who saves from chilblain. You may offer it to ground floor neighbour as a repair. Let me know. No pinch of salt to add, sorry, everybody knows I have gotten none.

Please find Icon at



or link

Anonymous said...

Cute note :)
I like how your blog comes up #1 when searching for "please give me a stinkin' african blogspot template" :)

Beaver said...

*can you feel the love tonight*
(sing on the famous elton john melody please)

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