February 17, 2007

It's my Birthday Today

So, I have the dissapointing obligation to tell you that it's my birthday today. And, as in all the years before, I try to forget about it because I always feel depressed on February the 17th (I know it's weird, but then again, one of my friends feels the same way about Christmas).

Unfortunately, I have nice friends and family that call me up and leave me emails of congratulations. Congratulations for having been born 29 years ago. For having successfully passed through the birth canal. Birthday celebrations are so weird.

So thank you all for your phone calls and emails, and I hope you can forgive me if I haven't replied to them yet. I still have to get over the shock of being a year older.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!!!

Passing through the birth canal is a lot trickier than it sounds!! I took a couple wrong turns myself.


Anonymous said...

spend the next 100 birthdays trying to guess who I am

Victoria said...

Well, if it makes you feel better, you're only a day older than you were yesterday!
And we arenm't calling to celebrate your succesful passage through the birth canal, silly. Like V-day, we use it as an excuse to get in touch.
I hope you weren't too depressed-- I get that way too. Stupid family thing?

strudel said...

LONG LIVE 007 in Africa, the only blog where I can shelter without being scolded, delayed, censored, filtered and warned. The mother of all liberal blogs. A sans-culottes blog I would dare to say.

007 in Africa said...

Thanks Ammo! That birth canal can be quite treacherous!

Vicky, thanks for keeping in touch so well.

Anonymous, could you be dad?

Strudel, thanks, you flatter me. I've never been called a sans-culotte before :)

Anonymous said...

dad? water water ... not a relative. Try again.

hortenselachouette said...

I completely agree with you: today we should not congratulate you but... your mother, who suffered so much 29 years ago. Anyway, that's what I tell my very own Maman each and every year... for the efforts where very much HERS.
Joyeux Anniversaire quand même!

Alisha said...

i very randomly found your blog because i searched "please give me a stinkin' african blogspot template" and you were number one! anyways, i just wanted to say happy birthday from africa! :]

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday!


Beaver said...

Hey kiddo - if it makes you feel any better - you are just as stunning as you were 2.5 years ago when we hung out in DKR!

Happy Birthday a few days late. I suck. I'm sorry.

*leaves to self flagellate*