March 29, 2007

My family is nuts

So, as you may remember, my immediate family has been in all sorts of different places this year. There was a point in time where:

-I was living in the Democratic Republic of Congo
-My Dad was living in Madagscar
-My Mom was doing the back and forth between Madagascar and France
-My Brother was based in London but worked in the Middle East for a consulting gig
-My Sister was studying in Canada

It was nuts because I never knew where my brother was; I would call three numbers in Madagascar and two in France before I could locate my mom, and I had to send an email to the whole family to let them know when I would in the field and out of email reach.


(I won't even cover the rest of my cousins who are in South Africa, America, France, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Bostwana...)

I was going to happily announce that my parents and I are back in the United States, but my brother just announced that he will be conducting a study in India for 6 months! And my sister is likely to go to South America for volunteering in clinics after she graduates.

Nuts I tell you!

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Amanda said...

They may be nuts but we love them!
Your cuz,