April 02, 2007

First day at work (again)

(I swear, I've had 4 different jobs in the span of 2.5 years. It gets old quickly).

My first day of work was disappointedly uneventful. Oh, other than the fact that the human resources person who was supposed to meet me in the lobby downtown at 8:15am didn’t give me sign of life until 11:20am. And then only to tell me that she had been sick since Wednesday, and hadn’t she called me to let me know? Nope.

Then I went to the other office uptown (it took me an hour), and just kind of chilled out and thought about how I would decorate my office. Very few people were actually in the office and it kind of felt like London during the second World War. You know the feeling: there ought to be a crowd of people busily going about their business but it's earily silent because a bomb just dropped.

The most stressful part of my day was that my middle toe (noticeably bigger than the other toes) poked a hole in my pantyhose and I had to walk around all day with one toe and a half sticking out of the hose. Very uncomfortable.

I hate hose.

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strudel said...

Well, here in Italy we have the problem of the employees in the public sector exceeeding the quota.We keep most of them stored in the cabinets, inside the drawers, under the tables. Would you like a couple of millions of them for free? As far as I can understand they should find themmselves at home in your office. We will pack and send the furniture too.