April 24, 2007

My very own Bump Identity!

The author of the Bumps has created a Bump Identity for me! It kind of looks like a mutated marshmellow eating a strawberry cheesecake. Which is increadibly appropriate in a way.

You can read her response here. Thanks!


Madevi said...

I think you'll find it's a wild strawberry g√Ęteau.

honeykbee said...

Adorable! And delicious


Victoria said...

Haha, aw it's perfect! How fitting that it's wearing a tux-- very 007esque. And I love the story of her crashing in the canal... could it be? Someone who is clumsier than me?

Anonymous said...

A beautiful example of cross-promotion :)
So what have you christened your bump? Bond Bump?

007 in Africa said...

The artist called it a James Bump, I think :)