April 19, 2007

Split Personality

So I started my new job. As an act of kind of kindness to me I suppose, my colleagues have been reluctant to give me too much work the first week...and the second...then I go slammed.

In addition to the slamming of work, I have to commute to two offices depending on my mood and workload. If I go to the Rockville office (Twinbrook metro stop), it takes me an hour by bus and metro. It's far from anything and anyone and there is not a single bar to drink my sorrows away after work. I swear I am not kidding. It's the most desolate place to which I've been. And trust me, I've been to some pretty remote places. But I have my own, lonely office so I guess that's something.

Sometimes I decide to shorten my commute and go to our Washington D.C. office. I work in the "swing" space, which is a poetic expression for a hot and sweaty cubicle. I am in the center of the action and sometimes feel like I am dodging bullets. It's fast, hectic, and panicked.

Having two offices is a bit like have a split personality. One is a sweet 9 year old girl that does as she's told. The other is an old woman who uses her umbrella to spear people out of her way.

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Anonymous said...

I knew about the second one, but not the first ;)