April 02, 2007

Two music venues

Two days ago, I went to see Toumani Diabate, a wonderful Malian Kora player. Because I am too lazy now to talk about it, I am transcribing the Lisner Auditorium description:

Toumani Diabate’s Symmetric Orchestra
Diabate is the vanguard of a new generation of griots from Mali who are both modernizing and honoring traditional music. Toumani is a performer of truly exceptional virtuosity and creativity and his Symmetric Orchestras id an expert everything from age-old Malian standards to contemporary Cuban-Senegalese salsa.

The best compliment I can pay Toumani is that listening to his and his orchestra’s music --instantly, vividly and for a full 2 hours-- transported me back to Senegal, warm sandy breezes, salt-soaked hair and all.

Tonight, I went to see an Opera called “La Filled du Regiment” at the Kennedy Center. Diametrically opposite to Toumani’s performance of course but immensely entertaining. This is a light, funny piece that had the audience laughing quite often.

The best compliment I can pay “La Filled du Regiment” is that I didn’t nod off to sleep and actually paid attention to the story. And that, my friends, is a feat!


strudel said...

La Filled du Regiment ... La fille du Regiment is an Operetta, not an Opera. Tsk Tsk Tsk

strudel said...

Oh MY god , where is the blanket to cover my face. It's an opera. I had in mind the Merry Widow.It's because I am been given to amy boiled potatoes for lunch. All was clear afterwards when I was biking downhill. It's Doninzetti's. Someone delete all, before Da Beav reads it.I am lost -

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Victoria said...

A feat indeed! I'm impressed.

Beaver said...

I have been away from your blog for too long.

Congratulations on the new job. Have lots to tell you. Will try to call while I am home on R&R.



007 in Africa said...

Strudel...Really? It's an Opera? It sounded more like an Operetta. What's the difference anyways?

Niger1, I used to live on Rue Carnot, near the French cultural center.

Vicky, it really was.

Beaver, let's talk soon!

strudel said...

Operetta is always fun and everybody gets a happy end, even if he does not deserve it. At the end of an Opera you are usually (not always) killed. Operetta is dling driin, Opera is (not always) baammm bazoom. Operetta is mostly waltzer and you can dance and sing while listening the music.While listening an Opera you can only sing. Operetta is a canary bird, Opera may be doves, vultures, eagles, and sparrows. Operetta is... okay okay I do not know the fucking technicalties