May 10, 2007

Use thick markers, man!

True, my troubles ain't what they were in the Congo. But I still have very real troubles.

From Harvard Street relays my problems exactly when he says :
I put the cans out at the end of the driveway last night around 10pm. At 6pm today, they were gone.

That has happened to me and my housmates twice... for both the recycling bins and the trash cans! It was soooo irritating and rather frightening to think that the rats would be having a field day with the trash we stored, out of desperation, in our garage for three weeks.

All I can say is Use thick markers, man! I put our address is blocky letters and, so help me God, if I find my trash that says 1443 at 1445's apartment, I am going to kick some serious ass!


Victoria said...

Hey, that happened to us too! How frustrating! We just yoinked it right back the next week when they put their recycling on the curb.

Jon said...

If someone puts the cans out where we can see them, we'll get them back. But people aren't that stupid, are they?

Anonymous said...

In NY we don't even have bins... So consider yourselves lucky :)