December 17, 2007

A Game of Life!

A friend, who is an avid mountaineer, says that there are three essential things when climbing a mountain: 1) To be warm, 2) To be satiated, 3) To be rested.


If one element should be absent, a climber can still survive the climb.  But it two elements are missing, there is real danger to his/her life.  For example, one can tired, so long as he/she is warm and full.  But one cannot reasonably be expected to climb a mountain on an empty stomach and dog-tired.


This same principle can be applied to life in general I suppose, provided one has: 1) Good health, 2) A stable job, 3) An active personal life.


Right now, I feel like I have good health.  My job is stable but not very fulfilling.  My personal life is blah.


So the score is


Health              %  100

Job                   %  50

Personal           %     0


Hum, better not try to climb that mountain!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, doesn't personal life include friends??? I'm very vexed... See if I offer you any beads in New Orleans :)

Carl said...

Nope, life ain't like climbing a mountain, it's like the Americans fighting the British down south during the Revolution, "We fight. Get beat. Rise and fight again."

Eventually the British gave up and quit the fight. So will life, or at least you can force it into neutrality.

Beaver said...

Health %80
Job %50
Personal %1

I ain't going anywhere either.

(Health is alright save for a few little annoying things, job is blah, personal life is barely existent, though I do enjoy the travels.)