December 26, 2007


Greetings, earthlings...Er, sorry, I got my messages mixed up. What I meant to say is Happy Day After Christmas, or rather Happy Boxing Day.

I can't believe how many things are still open on Christmas and Boxing Day (Kinko's,, the guards at the gate of a posh neighborhood in Georgetown, the street cleaners on my street)...And then I remember that, not everyone enjoys the job benefits I do, and not everyone celebrates Christmas (for example my Jewish cousins, and my Buddhist neighbor). I am ever so grateful of these few days off.

Enjoy whatever you are celebrating (Christmas, the lack of colleagues at work, the empty streets, the unencumbered shopping) this year!


Anonymous said...

Happy Whatever to you too :)

Beaver said...

You too, very belated. Huh. What did I celebrate? Probably the fact that I was by the ocean, in warm weather.