January 02, 2008


You may remember that we've just lost a roommate a couple of months ago...We found a replacement (much to my wallet's relief), but recently discovered that our old roommate had left us a gift that keeps on giving (no, not Syphilis, get your mind out of the gutter please): frozen food!

He left tons and tons of...Caribou meat! What the hell? We have two packs of Caribou steaks, two packs of Caribou rib eyes, a big ol' honking piece of Caribou, and Caribou sausage. It's so weird, I'm still shivering from the shock.


Steve in Wisconsin said...

"IF" you decide to cook the steaks you should lessen the cooking time - possibly by as much as 50 percent less than a regular steak. OK, I've never had caribou but elk and bison meat is fairly common in Wisconsin, and it's pretty good. The key, however, is to shorten the cooking time otherwise you might as well be chewing a leather belt.
As for the sausage -- it's not unusual for that to be mixed with pork (I'd cook that well done).

Victoria said...

Oh, yum! Let me know when you cook it. I bought emu meat once and it was lovely.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you don't open your freezer too often :). Or did he just leave?

Beaver said...

Caribou meat? To tell you how far my mind was from North America, I ready your title in Kiswahili!