January 21, 2008

Dating Websites

I feel totally lame, but I've signed myself up on a dating website. I know three couples that have met that way, and are now married. When I think about it rationally, I think that it's not so bad: it's just another way of meeting people. After that, it's up to you to see if there is a connection, if you like his sense of humor, if you respect his philosophy of life, if you have things in common.

But I still feel weird having to describe myself on the profile. I hate to come off as a show-off, and would rather not upload a picture of myself ("look at me 5 years ago, when I was 20 pounds thinner, through the fuzzy lens of my friend's camera, while I was slightly inebriated. I'm so hot!"). I tend to keep my descriptions short and boring, while others describe, in detail, the last time they went to exotic Canada, for example.

Also, I kind of have a thing for Jewish boys. In theory. And so am very tempted to sign up on JDate. The description of the site makes me groan (especially the "The next wedding you attend could be your own" part), and seems really directed to people who would like to get married:

Welcome to JDate, the premier Jewish singles community on the Net. It’s no wonder that countless marriages begin right here – it seems like everyone knows someone who fell in love on JDate! Check out our Success Stories section for hundreds of success stories and you’ll see why JDate is the undisputed leader in Jewish dating. As the modern alternative to traditional Jewish matchmaking, JDate is an ideal online destination for Jewish men and women to find friends, dates, and even soul mates, all within the faith. In just minutes, you can create a profile and be ready to mingle with other JDate members in your area. Our vast membership base and user-friendly interface make JDate a source of Jewish romance around the world.
Using JDate is an adventure -- we’re continually adding exciting new services to a list of features that includes Click!® technology, video instant messaging, live chat, and much more. Meeting new people has never been so fun! Who knows? The next wedding you attend could be your own.
JDate. Where it happens.™
It's totally tempting...And yet, I don't want to get married right now, and I'm not Jewish...D'oh!


Anonymous said...

So...your job isn't that good, you live on a firing range and now a dating service. Why is Washington better than overseas again?

Shannon said...

Dude, try Craigslist! Totally free and amusingly sketchy.

007 in Africa said...

Anonymous, you're absolutely right! That's so depressing.

Shannon, craigslist's my next tragic adventure.

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be depressing. It should be a stimulus to action.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great, you're keeping up with new technologies and being proactive!
You could always convert to Judaism :) What appeals to you in Jewish boys?
So what site did you choose, and why?

007 in Africa said...

Anonymous ("it should be a stimulus for action"), it sounds like you know me. Why don't you post your real name so we can have a real conversation?

Ammo, I'll tell you which site I chose off-line. My profile is pretty lame right now and I need to work on it. I've gotten "winks" from some boys, and a few emails, but it still feels so fake and canned...

strudel said...

Ms 007, would you please consider our REDCAP-DATE? Meet a wolf in the wood and be happy.

-...a large wolf was watching her progress down the path. He licked his lips as he peeked out at her from behind a tree...-

Ms 007, our dates NEVER end with a marriage. That’s not our politics. We don’t bother our subscribers by asking lies (ehr... pics and profiles); you just pick the wood that would please you, we supply the wolf. And above all, you know in advance what will happen.

-As Little Red Riding Hood walked on, the wolf followed carefully behind, hiding in the trees-

Ms 007, we accept only well-educated good mannered wolves in our list.

"Hello little girl. What a fine day it is! And where would you be going on such a beautiful day?"

Ms 007, you mention you are getting pretty fat. Please, don’t go on a diet. Your REDCAP-DATE counterpart does not like it skinny.

Ms 007, I understand this is quite new for you. NO FEAR! Our customer care is always near you to prevent any accident or misunderstanding

- ..the door to the cottage burst open and a woodcutter leapt in with a large axe and decapitated the wolf with a single stroke. "I heard your screams" said the woodcutter "and came to help."

J. Bite Wolfie

Beaver said...

OMG, 007, you are killing me. Now I'm wondering about several things.

One, do you HAVE to be Jewish to sign up on JDate? I mean, is it actually stated in the terms of service?

Two, whatever happened to your other plans? I take it you're hanging around DC then? *scratches head, confused*

Also, just a tip, actually, I've been bugging everyone about CS (check out my blog if you haven't already) - I don't know if you'd like it, but I found it's a great way to meet people. The site clearly states that it is NOT a dating service, but, eh, who knows? It's even better that way, I think. Email me about it if you'd like.

Ok. I'm done with my little propaganda. I hope you're doing well, and I'm sending you a huge sun-filled hug.

Astrogirl said...

Does having Jewish cousins count? We could provide references :)