February 09, 2010

We're Running Out of Food

I use to scoff at people who panicked at the thought of snow, running to the store for food, toilet paper and water. Well, I'm not so proud now. I still have a good amount of food, but would kill for cereal and lettuce. Except my friend sent me these pictures of the Whole Food in 14th and P street:

My roommate and I have invited him for a walk and dinner to chase away the cabin blues. She still has lentils and flour, so she's planning to make curried beans (chick peas, and kidney beans) and roti. We're scraping the end of our fridge for this meal.

Apparently, we're due for snow again, and then we'll really start to go for the canned food.

Pictures taken by Peter Mamacos.


Carl said...

unrelated question: is your Dad on the board of StandProud?

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't starve :)