June 29, 2010


I love being in my new house, but man, it really takes a long time to put everything together. Did you realize for example that the following items are essential:

- a thick marker for marking your garbage can and recycling bin (which finally arrived after ordering them a month ago) so your neighbor's don't steal your shit
- 6 placemats and assorted napkins, in case you are planning on inviting people over for dinner
- a tray for your dishrack to prevent water from constantly trickling down your cupboards
- bamboo skewers for your tomato plants (ok so I grew tomato plants from seed, yay, and they have gotten so big they're flopping over. I tried to find a trellis for them, but no luck. Instead, I placed three bamboo skewers at the base of most plants, in a teepee-like contraption, and tied the stem to the "teepee" with thick string)

And that's only the stuff I bought today! That's not even including the big things like a bookshelf for my bedroom, a proper bedframe, a dining room sideboard, etc.

My housemate also mentioned that we need a doormat, and went in excruciating detail about the importance of a doormat (mainly to prevent dirt from tracking into the house). So when I was in Target today, I saw a bunch of doormats, and quite liked the look of a green one. I thought about it for a bit, felt its consistency, judged the price, thought about it some more, and decided not to buy it, because walking home with it would be cumbersome.

I get home after walking in the heat for 40 minutes... And what do I see? The green placemat on my doorstep! My housemate had picked it up just 1 hour before!

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Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike :)