June 04, 2010

It Takes a Village: Friends and Roomates

Friends have also being encouraging along the way, lifting my spirits when I felt like I was making the biggest mistake in the world.

As my brother says, “sure it’s a negative on the balance sheet. But as we Economists would say, it’s not an expense, it’s an investment”, which oddly, makes me feel a lot better.

I've received a number of nice offers for help repainting walls, removing wooden panels, and working on the garden.

A German friend came to the house, bearing bread and salt, two traditional items to welcome someone home. He also brought white wine, which we promptly drank for good measure.

Another friend dug up some flower buds from her garden and planted them in my flower bed in front.

A friend, knowing my fondness for his yellow Blenko pitcher, brought me an identical one for my kitchen.

My old roommate bought me a small lavender plants after hearing me talk for months about how excited I was to be able to plant rosemary and lavender in my front yard.

My ex-boyfriend helped me, in his very logical and mathematical way, to install an air conditioning unit in my bedroom window, and helped me navigate my mattress through the narrow hallways from my basement to my bedroom so I could have a place to sleep for the night.

My current roommate has done more than his fair share of the cleaning, and installed internet and cable in the house.

Thank you all for your invaluable help (and moral support)!

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Anonymous said...

I promise I'll help too!!