June 03, 2010

It Takes a Village: Parents

My parents have really helped, each in their own way. Dad was very supportive of me buying a rundown house, confident in my ability to turn things around. In hindsight, maybe his trust was a tad optimistic, but it seems that it turned out alright in the end. He has promised to build me a supersized closet for all my cleaning product and food storage, something that I plan to remind him of on a regular basis until it's completed! The house has practically no storage space, so it really requires coming up with some innovative storage solutions.

Mom was very cautionary from the start and at times downright disapproving, but once she saw the finished product, she came to help me do:
- Deep and energetic cleaning of windows,
- Removal of inches of dust from various surfaces including an old fan in my room (that I was reluctant to turn on in the heat, less it spread the dust evenly on my furniture and bedroom floor),
- Sweeping and resweeping the muddy/dusty/moldy basement area
- She also got me some pretty sweet pieces of furniture, and donated some kitchen items that are proving to be really useful (apparently a pot is pretty instrumental to heating water for my morning tea)


Astrogirl said...

Good luck in your new home! I just bought Michael a pot for boiling water for tea, although he really doesn't think he needs it. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

My my, the things you make your parents go through, for shame!