July 22, 2010

Beauty and the Geek

As you may know, my sister is a super star. She's a medical student at the University of Sydney, she does research on the side, and researches and helps to produce a weekly science radio show called Diffusion Science Radio.

Last week, the cast did a very interesting piece on the TV show called Beauty and the Geek dispelling the myth that geeky guys are socially inept and whimpy, and pretty girls are dumb and superficial. This is what they had to say about it.



Anonymous said...

Your sister and Diffusion Science rock!

Washington dc said...

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inishkeel said...

I can understand how nothing happened in DC in August with the continuous heat, but how about a new episode of your glamorous DC life--the embassy parties, the over-the-top government galas, the taxpayer-funded junkets to exotic venues chasing down yet another killer microbe,the dates with married members of Congress. Don't hold back. We know it's happening. Tell us!

Anonymous said...

thats so ccol. i like it very much. most of the geeks are on elearning