October 12, 2010

Just for the sake of posting...

Alright, thanks Steve in Wisc. for your email - I have been completely remiss in posting on this blog.

Mostly because I don't get excited about news things + I'm tired after a long day at work + my small camera got stolen in Croatia so I can't post pictures as easily as before + I'm still working on my house.

But, just for the sake of posting, here's what I got in preparation for the fall:

Ben Simon Tennis Lacet Gris Foncé

They're French shoes we used to wear in my International School about 14 years ago. And they're just now starting to be cool in the States. Pretty neat huh?


Stephanie said...

It's funny because I actuallu wrote to you this morning to tell you the same thing about your blog :) Great minds think alike I guess !
Donne moi des nouvelles svp !! xx

Anonymous said...

Why in preparation for the Fall? Are you doing a marathon?