January 27, 2011

Live Action

I finally decided the front porch was a wiser exit into work. Sure I'd have to duck under a wire, but I did live in Congo didn't I? I can do it!

My crazy - but very sweet - Dominican neighbor took it upon himself to GRAB the wire with his gloves, and tie it with a piece of tinsel to his porch and away from my yard. I animately and with great concern said "yikes, be careful, that's dangerous!" I don't think he understood me but he appreciated the sentiment (written all over my face).

OK so snow shoveled (in a very lazy way I just shoveled enough of a skinny pathway to get to the street). Time to get to work.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your Dominican neighbor? Nun or priest? O, "his" probably a guy, but might still be a nun. Just sayin'.

Although the computer thinks of me as "Da" because that's what my g-kids call me, I'm Patrick in adult company.