February 03, 2011

Well as Long as I Have My Health...

I never quite understood why people were always so cheeringly optimistic about life, "as long as they had their health."

I mean, you can be prefectly healthy yet have 3 parking tickets, kids you have to raise by yourself, an evil boss, and collection agencies knocking on your door every 2 days. That would be a sh***y life really. Even if your health is perfect.

But lately, I've been feeling completely off-balance. It feels like I'm walking in a fun home, with the ground giving way in unexpected ways and offering me an uneven surface on which to walk. I'm never worried when I get sick, mostly because it happens so seldomly, and frankly most ailments in my life just go away after several days. But I do have to admit that it's really distracting to feel like you're about to fall over even if you're sitting quietly at your desk.

I went to the nurse who looked into my ears, and saw some mucus in one of them, which may explain the dizziness. She told me to drink a lot of fluids, try taking Claritin to see if that resolves the issue. A colleague of mine who's a doctor tells me to take multivitamins because dizziness may also come from a lack of zinc, folate, and other micronutrients found in vitamins.

Well it's not a big deal, but I just don't want to end up like the this guy from the great book of intriguing neurological case studies from Oliver Sacks (The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat):

On the Level," another case involving damaged proprioception. Dr. Sacks interviews a patient who has trouble walking upright and discovers that he has lost his innate sense of balance due to Parkinson's-like symptoms that have damaged his inner ears; the patient, comparing his sense of balance to a carpenter's spirit level, suggests the construction of a similar level inside a pair of glasses, which enables him to judge his balance by sight.

Source: Wikipedia


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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that :( Hope you're better!