August 31, 2011

Fixing The Wall

As I mentionned previously, the earthquake left hairline fractures in my dining room wall.  Thank goodness, my super awesome roommate took it upon himself to fix it.  Here are a couple of emails from him about the situation:

No, not the album/movie by Pink Floyd, the one that got cracked in our kitchen...

I use the drywall compound to fill in the cracks. That said, there's a process that has to be followed for it to be done right. which is as follows:

1. apply compound
2. let it dry
3. reapply compound
4. let it dry
5. sand
6. wipe down with wet rag to remove drywall dust
7. using the roller apply primer
8. let it dry
9. using angled brush, cut-in along corner, ceiling, floor molding and window
10. repaint wall with the roller from corner to window (otherwise it'll be obvious that only certain spots were painted)
11. possibly apply a second coat depending on appearance
12. MOST IMPORTANT--drink a glass of wine to celebrate a job well done

Currently we are on step number 2. I'll take the lead on this and have it done by the end of the week... Then you must join me for step 12.



Anonymous said...

Kudos to J !

FoggyDew said...

Good thing the wine is step 12 and not, like, step 4. Could make for an interesting finished product.