August 26, 2011

Things to Do Before the Storm

Things to Do
- Move all patio furniture indoors
- Move pepper and basil plants and succulent inside
- Tarp area underneath the porch to prevent water leaking into the basement
- Unclog drains originating from the roof
- Close all blinds (to prevent glass shards from getting into the house)
- Recharge all essential electronics tonight

Things to Buy
- Battery operated flashlight
- Battery operated lamp
- Battery operated radio
- Candles
- A few cans
- A gallon of water

Place These Items in Easy to Reach Location
- First Aid Kit
- Solar charger
- Leatherman
- Flashlight, lamp, candles, radio
- Can opener


Anonymous said...

I don't see any self-defense weapons on your list, in case your less well-organized neighbors try to steal your supplies.

007 in Africa said...

You could have called me before the storm to remind me of that!