March 13, 2012

Brrrr, it's cold in here!

I haven’t blogged in a while.  Mostly, I’ve been trying to concentrate on work (I’m doing a 3-month rotation elsewhere) and I’m in the process of freezing my eggs.  You’ve read it right.  Freezing my eggs.  Feh-Reez-Innng Ma’ Eggies.

Why Would You Ever Want to Do That?
I’ve wanted to have children since I was 16 and was seriously ready to have them since I was 26 (I’m 34 years old now).  In these last 4 years, I’ve been inconsolably sad about not having that opportunity. 

My boyfriend is not ready to have kids right now – to be fair, we’ve dated for about a little bit more than a year, and most of that time he’s been abroad.  I’ve always wanted to adopt kids and I finally have a house of my own, which gives me much more flexibility to adopt. 

But 1) I have a roommate who isn’t too keen on foster kids running around the house, and 2) my job has me travel unexpectedly for 1 – 3 months deployments.  So right now, having kids or adopting is just not going to happen.

I hope that freezing my eggs will buy me time.  “Hope” being the operative words here.

My Profile and Statistics
There’s a lot of good blogs from women out there documenting their adventures in egg freezing.  And they all seem to cling to details of their treatment and ensuing statistics.  I must admit I also find it helpful, so for those of you going through the same process, here’s a rundown.

Age: 34 years

Height, weight: 5’3’’, 130 (though I don’t weigh myself too often – best not to know exactly!)

Medical Conditions: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), never pregnant before

Maternal History: no problems getting pregnant at all.  As a matter of fact, she had 3 children, and often says that she got pregnant a few days after stopping birth control for all three of us

Cost of treatment: $7,500 with Shady Grove Fertility Center + $2,000 for medications (though medications will probably only end up costing me about $1,200 because a local pharmacy donated some unused medications)

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Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry you have to go through this process :(
But it's worth it, and I'm sure you'll be a great mom!! Though you may regret wanting kids when you have 3 of them running around the house screaming their heads off ;)